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Emergency Denture Repair

Broke your denture? Having a bad day? Tooth fell off? Were you eating something you shouldn’t have and…CRACK!?

Whatever the story might be, we’d love to hear it… and repair it!

In an emergency, making the wrong decision can cost you both time and money. If you have never required this service in the past, finding a denture repair service can be daunting. At Dynamic Dentures, we endeavour to make this experience as smooth and painless as possible – both for you and your wallet.

In the event of a denture emergency, here are some useful tips on what to do:

  • Never use superglue on the denture

  • Avoid DIY denture repair kits, as some of these may damage your denture beyond repair (don’t be fooled by the marketing)

  • Collect all the pieces, and bring them with you to Dynamic Dentures


We understand time is important; we work hard behind the scenes to repair your denture in one day or even in a few hours, depending on the damage.

“Don't Panic. Just Breathe. It's more than likely fixable.”

Dynamic Dentures

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