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Ever becoming more and more popular, Valplast® (flexible dentures) is a great alternative to acrylic and metal dentures. Vaplast® is made from a thermoplastic nylon material which makes the product aesthetic, durable and malleable.


So why choose Valplast®? The benefits of this product are simple; comfort is achieved by nature of the material used, which is very thin reducing the bulk usually required for strength in acrylic dentures. Valplast® gives you more sensation, flexibility, natural aesthetics and durability because of its exceptional compressive impact and bending strength. Last but not least, Valplast® is biocompatible through its monomer-free and hypoallergenic material, with no metal clasps normally associated with acrylic partials.


Valplast® Flipper

Valplast® permanent 1-3 teeth partial, usually referred to as a ‘flipper’, is a leading alternative to conventional partial dentures. Offering better functional and aesthetic design, the flexible base and thin clasp provides unprecedented retention, stability and visual appeal. No metal clasps here!



At Dynamic Dentures, we supply a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer of the material (which contains a 25 digit serial number) with every Valplast® appliance supplied to our patients and dentists. So beware of fake replicas claiming to be Valplast® offered by other laboratories, as they can cause more harm than good. Be sure to ask for a certificate to ensure genuine materials are used.

“Teeth are always
in style.”

Dr. Seuss

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