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Mouth Guards

Be season ready with Dynamic Dentures.


So why use custom handmade mouth guards as opposed to pre-made ones from sport shops?


Anyone who participates in risky contact sports such as rugby, boxing, hockey or even the increasingly popular MMA knows that a knock to the face, mouth or jaw can result in serious injuries. Injuries such as chipped or broken teeth; internal damage to a tooth; tooth loss; injures to the soft tissue of the mouth; and in severe cases, concussion or broken jaw, can potentially lead to a very expensive treatment.


Pre-made mouth guards are not designed for the specific individual, they are generic, do not wrap around your teeth, and are a one-size fits all product. This naturally creates fit issues and little can be done to adjust them. They may be too loose or bulky, making breathing and talking difficult, and dentists do not recommend them.


Custom mouth guards on the other hand, are made to order. They are individually designed for your mouth and custom handmade in our dental laboratory. After obtaining an impression from your mouth, we make a replica “stone” model of your teeth and we go to work making you a mouth guard that uniquely fits, wraps and protects your teeth, using only the best materials available.


What you get:

  • 1 Layer from ONLY $120

  • Carry case

  • Choice of colours are available

  • Comfortable and custom-fitted

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